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HR Introduction

According to the strategic requirements of GZPS, our human resource management is guided by strategic control to create a workforce that are politically reliable, professionally competent and hard-working with a fine style of work to meet the needs to develop GZPS into a world class power supply enterprise. Besides, GZPS has also established a series of systems and practices with its unique characteristics in organizational structure, employment management, cadre personnel management, performance evaluation and remuneration management and training and assessment management and so on.

1.Organizational Structure

Since 2012 when GZPS became a subsidiary of CSG, it forms a flat organization by optimizing the organizational structure to support its main business, based on principles of standard specification, efficient operation and resource-intensiveness. This solves many problems such as positioning, handing and taking over, and dividing lines about the responsibility, which provides a strong organizational backing for the reform and development of GZPS.

2.Employment Management

GZPS strictly follows the rules of CSG on human resource allocation based on average personnel competence. It positively designs and builds career ladders for its staff according to the construction ideas of classification and hierarchy system. It also sticks to recruiting and using employees in accordance with the relevant law, and improving and regulating labor contract management.

3.Cadre Personnel Management

Adhering to the employment standards that consider both morality and ability and regards morality above ability, GZPS evaluates all the cadres annually according to the established evaluation system. It emphasizes on making full use of cadres’ exemplary roles by integrating cadres’ training, internal communication, promotion and welfare so as to improve the competence of cadres at various levels to lead a scientific development and to manage complicated situations. The progressive developing and promotion access for professionally skilled talents has been established.

4.Remuneration Management

GZPS implements position-point salary distribution system. It optimizes the structure of salary distribution and regulates the distribution rule of remuneration. The payment distribution is designed to apt to grassroot units and front-line staff.

5.Performance Evaluation

The all-staff performance review management system and the effective integration of team performance and personal performance are realized. Taking into account both the team performance and personal performance, assessment credit accounts for all the staff are set up, which are relevant with their salary levels, thus making better use of the incentive effect of the performance review.

6.Insurance and Welfare Management

In accordance with the CSG standards and management system on labor protection supplies, GZPS has well implemented the basic insurance system stipulated by law, which removes the employees’ worries.

7.Further Education and Training Management

Further education and training system is established, consisting of five parts: training management, curriculums, qualified teachers, training bases and supporting networks. The macro-education and macro-training strategy are actively implemented and various trainings for employees at different levels are arranged to improve staff competence.

8.Personnel Evaluation

A personnel evaluation system composed of personnel evaluation standards, evaluation system, assessment tests data bank,evaluation organization, evaluation methods and information platform is established based on the rule of fully considering staff’s competence for their positions. The evaluation standards and specifications of skilled personnel training are created,covering 8 sequences, 52 crews and 255 positions.

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